Daily Archives: July 1, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Chip, the Antiplanner’s friend, reaches the ripe old age of 16 today — that’s over 100 years in dog years. Sadly, though it may be hard to tell from these photos (most taken in the last few months), he is showing his age.

Chip looks spry in this photo taken a few days ago.

In past years he has accompanied me on many 15 to 22 mile hikes. But last summer we confined ourselves to 4 to 5 mile walks in search of huckleberries, and I went on longer tramps alone. By now, he is reluctant to even go for a half-mile or so around the neighborhood. Still, we try to include him in as many activities as possible.

Chip was 9 when we took this 21-mile hike through the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness.

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