Back in the Air Again

The Antiplanner is in Atlanta today and tomorrow to debate the question, “What are the Biggest Threats to Liberty in Urban Policy?” I think I already debated the issue, but I guess someone was entertained by it enough to ask for a rematch.

I’ll probably take a little time to bicycle around while I am here. If you can think of any good places to ride to from downtown Atlanta, feel free to let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Back in the Air Again

  1. metrosucks

    Great job in the first debate, Mr. O’Toole. Anyone else notice that the planner spent most of his time smirking or silently scoffing at Mr. O’Toole’s no-BS, tell it like it is approach? Nothing makes a government cockroach scurry for the shadows like the harsh light of the truth.

  2. Frank

    I haven’t been to Georgia, but Westside Reservoir Park was featured in season one of the Walking Dead and looks very interesting. (It’s also featured in the Netflix show “Stranger Things”.)

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