The Thoreau Institute
Endangered Species Research


Hard copies of each of the following reports may be ordered from the Thoreau Institute. The hard copies may have graphics and other information not included in the on-line versions.

The Endangered Endangered Species Act

A thorough review of the law and ways to improve it.

Saving the Black-Footed Ferret

A complete review of problems with recovering the most endangered mammal in North America, written by Karl Hess, Jr. (190K).

Saving the Bull Trout

A review of a candidate species (since listed), by Craig Knowles and Robert Gumtow (85K).

The Impacts of Subsidies on Endangered Species

Finds that most species are largely or primarily endangered by federal programs or subsidies, by Jeff Opperman (86K)

Incentives for Wildlife: New Ways of Protecting Rare Species

Compares a variety of non-coercive ways of protecting species, by Brett Schaerer (79K)

Articles and Op-Eds

Fixing the ESA

Article published in the FSEEE newsletter, Inner Voice.

Incentives for Protecting Biodiversity

Speech given at a Smithsonian conference on biodiversity on April 22, 1995.

Private Ownership to Save Species

Op-ed published in the Arizona Daily Star (1-5-98) and several other papers.

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