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The Vanishing Automobile

The Vanishing Automobile and Other Urban Myths, by Thoreau Institute economist Randal O'Toole, is an indictment of the smart-growth planning fad that is sweeping the nation's cities. The book presents an alternative way of dealing with urban problems that relies on incentives and markets rather than government planning and regulation.

The Vanishing Automobile CD includes the entire book in Acrobat format, The Costs of Smart Growth PowerPoint slideshow, all Vanishing Automobile updates to date, and nearly 30 megabytes of data on highways, transit, congestion, open space, and other urban information. The disk also includes both Windows and Macintosh versions of PowerPoint Viewer, Microsoft's free program for viewing, but not editing, PowerPoint shows.

The Preserving the American Dream CD includes papers presented at the February, 2003, conference of that name. It also includes recent transit, highway, and census data, other relevant papers, and a fully narrated PowerPoint show on "The Costs of Smart Growth in San Jose."

The Costs of Smart Growth videotape is a transfer of the PowerPoint slideshow to videotape for those who do not have a convenient way to present PowerPoint shows.

The Vanishing Automobile updates were a series of email updates that we sent to readers. This publication was replaced in 2007 by the Antiplanner blog. You can still sign up for the Vanishing Auto announcements list, which will be used to send out announcements about conferences, reports, and other events and publications.

The Vanishing Automobile (book), $14.95 plus $4.55 S&H

The Vanishing Automobile CD, $14.95 plus $1.00 shipping

Preserving the American Dream CD, $5.00 plus $1.00 shipping

The Costs of Smart Growth videotape, $9.95 plus $4.55 shipping

Book plus CD, $24.95 plus $4.55 S&H

Book plus videotape, $19.95 plus $8.00 S&H

CD plus videotape, $19.95 plus $4.55 S&H

Book plus CD plus videotape, $29.95 plus $8.00 S&H

Vanishing Automobile Email Announcements, FREE!

All shipping prices are for first-class (priority mail) postage within the U.S. We ship "Priority International," which is a form of airmail, to other countries. Shipping to Canada is generally $9 for the book or video, $3 for the CD. Shipping to most other countries is $11 for the book or video, $4 for the CD.

Discounts for multiple copies of The Vanishing Automobile book or CD: Ten or more copies are $12 each plus actual shipping cost; twenty-five or more copies are $10 each plus shipping. To order multiple copies, make a note in the box below.

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Reforming the Forest Service

Reforming the Forest Service, also by Randal O'Toole and published by Island Press, is $16.95 including shipping. Multiple copy discounts are also available.

Reforming the Forest Service, $16.95 plus shipping

Different Drummer

Unfortunately, we no longer publish Different Drummer magazine, but most of the back issues are still available for $5.95 each. The original research contained in issues on the National Park Service, Endangered Species Act, State Lands, Bureau of Land Management, and Forest Service is still very useful, and the Environmental Supermarket issue has been used as a textbook for several college courses.

Back issues

Pork Barrel and the Environment

Creating the Environmental Supermarket

Reforming the Western Range

Incentives for Protecting North American Biodiversity

Tarnished Jewels: Reforming the Park Service

Reinventing the Forest Service

State Lands and Resources

Congress and the Federal Lands

The Endangered Endangered Species Act

The State of the Environmental Movement

An Environmental Agenda for the 105th Congress

Inside the Bureau of Land Management

A Proposal for the Forest Service's Second Century

Citizens' Guides

All Citizens' Guides as well as the field guide to the President's forest summit are $2 each.

The Citizens' Guide to Reforming the Forest Service

The Citizens' Guide to the Forest Service Budget

The Citizens' Guide to the Timber Industry

The Citizens' Guide to Timber Management

The Field Guide to the President's Forest Summit

Research Papers

All research papers are $5 each.

Saving the Black-Footed Ferret

Saving the Bull Trout

The Impacts of Subsidies on Endangered Species

Incentives for Wildlife

The $64 Million Question: Tongass National Forest

Good Intentions: The Knutson-Vandenberg Act

Database for Greater Yellowstone Forests

Audit of Animal Damage Control

Audit of the Butte District BLM

Transitions: Growth in Rural Economies

Run Them like Businesses

1990-1992 National Forest Timber Sale Receipts and Costs

Other Publications

The Thoreau Institute has published more than 100 reports on many different topics. If you know of one not listed above, write the title below. Most reports are $5 each.



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