Updates to The Vanishing Automobile

As a service to readers of The Vanishing Automobile and Other Urban Myths, we provided regular updates to information in the book. However, the Vanishing Automobile updates emails ceased at the end of 2006.

For 2007, we are providing updates to the book through our Antiplanner blog. We still send occasional announcements to the updates list, mostly dealing with conferences and new reports. If you would like to be added to this list or have comments on these updates, please use the Thoreau Institute's order form.

  1. The Bush Administration and Smart Growth
  2. Revised Natural Resource Inventory Is Still Flawed
  3. NRI Data on Urban and Other Large Developments
  4. The Falling Cost of Transportation
  5. Light-Rail Op Ed
  6. Metro Director Wants Constitutional Right to Regulate Land Use
  7. Judge Throws Out Ballot Measure Requiring Compensation for Land-Use Regulation
  8. The Myth of Northwest 23rd
  9. Is Smart Growth a United Nations Conspiracy?
  10. Public Funds Used to Distribute Smart-Growth Propaganda to Oregonians
  11. Responding to Pro-Rail-Transit Rhetoric
  12. Growth Pays for Itself, But Smart Growth Doesn't
  13. Increased Congestion and What to Do about It
  14. Do More Highways Cause Congestion?
  15. Planning Magazine Reviews The Vanishing Automobile
  16. Tearing Out an Urban Freeway
  17. How Dense Is Dense Enough for Smart Growth?
  18. The "National Deceptivegraphic"
  19. Is Sprawl a Defense Against Terrorism?
  20. The Feds Continue to Fund Smart-Growth Groups
  21. Smart Growth Takes Hits
  22. Fake CDC Study Full of Holes
  23. Department of Transportation Funds Smart-Growth Groups
  24. Imbalanced Transportation Planning: Money Wasted on Rail Transit
  25. The Myth of the Fat Suburbanites
  26. Portland Votes on Density
  27. The Good News and the (Mostly) Bad News about Transit
  28. Analysis of the 2002 TTI Urban Congestion Data
  29. Housing Affordability and Land-Use Regulation
  30. Should Cities Convert One-Way Streets to Two Way?
  31. San Jose Case Study, Part One: The Urban-Growth Boundary
  32. San Jose Case Study, Part Two: Light Rail
  33. Madison Commuter Rail: Let the Taxpayer Beware!
  34. Smart Growth Doesn't Just Threaten Urban Areas
  35. Smart Growth Plan Promotes Leapfrog Development
  36. 2000 Census on How Much Open Space Is Left
  37. Fregonese Calthorpe Threaten Legal Action against Dissenters
  38. Penn Central: The Supreme Court's Big Mistake that Led to Smart Growth
  39. Portland's Metro Shows How Much It Cares about Commuters
  40. Rail Transit Doesn't Work
  41. Transportation Costs and the American Dream
  42. In Defense of Strip Developments
  43. Rail Transit Won't Reduce Congestion (2003 TTI report)
  44. How Personal-Rapid Transit Will Happen
  45. Rail Transit Does Poorly in Recession
  46. The Airlines Made Us Fat
  47. Bloated Transportation Bills
  48. The Dangers of Rail Transit
  49. "I Want My Commute Slow and Dangerous"
  50. Should Conservatives Oppose Sprawl?
  51. Smart Growth and Housing Bubbles
  52. Did Smart Growth Make Portland Unaffordable?
  53. Smart Growth and the Ideal City
  54. The Transit Lobby Spins Bad News
  55. Automobility and the New Orleans Disaster
  56. Does "Peak Oil" Spell Death for the Suburbs?
  57. Does Light Rail Pay for Itself?
  58. More Rail Disasters
  59. Lies My Transit Lobbiest Told Me
  60. How Not to Run a City, Part I: The Reformer
  61. The Interstate Highway System: What Worked, What Did Not
  62. How Not to Run a City, Part II: Planning Derails
  63. Speed Humps Study Contains Numerous Flaws
  64. Judging Portland by Intentions, Not Results
  65. The Greatest Invention: How Automobiles Made America Great
  66. Homer and Jim Jim: Two Lives Intersect in Portland
  67. Don't Fall for the Streetcar Hoax

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