DC MetroRail: An Accident Waiting to Happen

The “failsafe” train control system that was supposed to prevent the June 22 accident that killed nine subway riders in Washington DC appears to be breaking down throughout the MetroRail system. Although Metro’s general manager claimed that the agency tested all of the circuits and had not found any problems, the Washington Post has uncovered documents revealing problems with at least four of the region’s five rail lines.

The good news is that reporters are finally becoming skeptical about the supposed utopian virtues of the transit industry. A FoxNews reporter found a DC bus driver reading a book while driving in traffic. DC bus drivers are some of the highest paid public employees in the nation, many earning well over $100,000 a year. But I guess that isn’t enough for them to keep their attention on their jobs.

Meanwhile, the reporters in Portland who revealed TriMet’s expensive health insurance plans attempted to interview transit union officials for their responses, but the officials didn’t have time. They did, however, have time to make a youtube video responding to the “lies” in the news reports. They blame the lies on “right winger” John Charles, former head of the Oregon Environmental Council, current head of the libertarian Cascade Policy Institute. Isn’t it wonderful how we can just dismiss someone because they are a “right winger”? It makes things so easy; you don’t have to think about the issues themselves.


7 thoughts on “DC MetroRail: An Accident Waiting to Happen

  1. ws

    You dismiss people all the time if they work for the government, can someone raise suspicion on someone based on their political affiliations? On the extreme side of this, is it an ad-hominem attack to bring up material facts of someone who may believe in fascism or communism in order to debunk their viewpoints?

    The issue isn’t “right-winger”, it’s far right winger.

  2. Borealis

    Watching the video rebuttal to the news story, all I can say is WOW. A government agency that runs a huge deficit, but pays out more in fringe benefits than in direct compensation….and the video argues that is what all America should do, so they are doing it on the public dole.

  3. Dan

    I think I’m going to buy a URL so I can start a blog about th gummint “workers” who get in automobile accidents.

    Maybe I’ll have a category for private patriotic real Murricans who get in automobile accidents, yet continue to live in autocentric subdivisions, depite the amount of time spent in a little metal box away from the family and Dancing With the Stars.


  4. craig

    I was interested in how Tri-Met only collects 20% of the operating costs from Tri-Met users and none of the capital construction costs.

    But pays some of the highest benefits in the industry.

    Tri Met’s spending is not sustainable.

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