A Model for the Nation

Secretary of Immobility Ray LaHood says that Washington DC’s Silver line is a “model” for “other places in the country.” Let’s see:

Is the line over budget? Of course.

Will the new line disrupt service on other transit lines? Totally.

Is the region building new rail transit lines even when it doesn’t have enough money to maintain existing lines? Absolutely.

Is the line being built mainly for the benefit of a few developers? I would say so.

Is the rail line being built by an agency known even to LaHood for its corruption? Yep.

Is the rail line being funded by stealing money from other transportation users? Naturally.

That’s quite a model you have there, Mr. Immobility.


6 thoughts on “A Model for the Nation

  1. OFP2003

    There is one part of the L’Enfant station that regularly reeks of dead animals. Today it was particularly bad. Dark, Dingy, Dirty, sometimes hot, today with the stench of dead animals, not the futuristic travel I was promised!!

    C. P. Zilliacus Reply:

    Agreed. I’ve smelled it elsewhere in the system too.

    The smell may be from the District of Columbia’s “combined” sewer system (stormwater runoff from the streets and sidewalks flows into the same sewers that drain toilets and other plumbing fixtures in the city).

    OFP2003 Reply:

    Normally, I can tell the difference between sewer and dead animals. This had that “death” smell to it. Imagine if the Metro system lost power while down in there…

  2. C. P. Zilliacus

    The Antiplanner wrote:

    Secretary of Immobility Ray LaHood

    I have always liked (and unfortunately agreed with) the title you have bestowed upon Mr. LaHood.

    Will the new line disrupt service on other transit lines?

    Though Loudoun County, Virginia, which has recently agreed to build the line to the airport and beyond, to the interchange of Va. 267 (Dulles Greenway) and Va. 772 (Ashburn Village Parkway) (Google Maps here, map from Loudoun County showing the airport station and the other two stops on Flickr here) has stated on the record that it will not be cancelling express bus service from various place in the county to D.C. Because the bus service is not run by WMATA, it won’t be subject to automatic turn-back like most other bus service in the D.C. area has been as the rail system was extended.

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